Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield

Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield

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Safeguard Patrons and Staff with Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shields

Analyzing the present phase of Coronavirus pandemic, do have Adjustable Screen Sneeze Guard for Ensuring Safety in the premises. This shield can be an effective product to maintain health standards for both employees and customers adhering to the norms of social distancing appropriately. Moving out of the homes during the unlock phase has a lot of queries so installing such an adjustable screen sneeze shield at the sitting area and turning your commercial sites or corporate offices into a more protective and hygienic one can be the best choice of a precautionary measure.

It will further aid the business owners to create the impression of responsible business and help the customers to feel safe in such facilities. So, without ado, add these protective adjustable screen sneeze shields and other variations of sneeze guards, for combatting the COVID-19 and bring back the customers each time to your facilities. Feel free to reach us for further queries on the product, material know-how, set up guidelines, cost, and lots more.

Amend commercial spaces with performable Screen Shields, Countertop Sneeze Guards

  • It is the easily adjustable, portable yet sturdiest product to be used for the longest time.
  • The adjustable sneeze guard, with its ergonomic design, can be set up with convenience in minutes.
  • The black-coated aluminum stand provides long-term durability and operation that can deploy, and display the screen shield anywhere within the premises.
  • The telescopic legs feature simple height and width adjustments helping you to achieve a raised, lowered, or narrowed frame in a snap with a complete package of safety and quality.
  • The adjustable sneeze shield is designed to suit different workplace or business needs with its lightweight and compact design therefore these shields are universally usable in a variety of environments, such as pharmacy, doctor's office, office, reception, clinic, hospital, reception, etc.
  • The clear screen of this sneeze shield is constructed out of a high-quality 580 GSM PVC clear vinyl panel material that gives 90% of visibility from both sides of the panel.
  • We provide the pole pockets at the top and bottom of the clear panel for quick fixing and display on the stand.
  • We offer a wide range of sizes, and you can pick the screen shield as per the requirements from our size option. We have listed a range of sizes to complement your varied business requirements.

Buy them in bulk from Printlon to fulfill the wide-spaced requirement at your facility and boost your business functions. Our adjustable screen sneeze offers peace of mind with the best results. Share us your requirements; feel free to reach us at Printlon anytime

Product Specifications

Hardware Material : Black coated Aluminum

Hardware Details : Telescopic poles for width and height adjustment. No additional tools required for the setup

Clear Panel Material : PVC Clear Vinyl 580 GSM (+/- 10 GSM). The clear panel comes with top and bottom pole pockets to fix it on the stand.

Clear Panel Material Thickness : 0.5 mm

Vision Clarity : Up to 90%

Removing Wrinkles : You can use a hair dryer to remove the wrinkles. Make sure the hair dryer is on low heat to avoid any damage.

The hair dryer must not come into direct contact with the material

Hardware Size (W X H)

Panel Size Including Pocket (W X H)

5 Ft x 4 Ft

60 In x 58 In

5 Ft x 5 Ft

60 In x 70 In

5 Ft x 6 Ft

60 In x 82 In

5 Ft x 6.5 Ft

60 In x 88 In

6 Ft x 8 Ft

72 In x 106 In

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