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Polyester Fabric Banners

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Polyester Fabric Banner - The Adaptable Alternative

For what reason is a polyester texture flag an adaptable alternative? Polyester texture standards are a flexible alternative because of the wide range of ways you can hang them up. You can hang up the pennant utilizing bungees, strings, or lines. You can append the banners to posts. On the off chance that you are worried about the content or picture blurring, don't on the grounds that we utilize great polyester with zero chance of blurring at any point in the near future.

You can reuse our fabric banner a few times before you have to make another one, in this manner setting aside you cash. Our flags are launderable and don't wrinkle no problem at all. For those of you searching for flags to use at public exhibitions, you will like its wrinkle-safe quality because of the simplicity of taking it out.

Our Polyester Fabric Banner Will Cause People To Notice It

A decent standard is one that consequently makes individuals respite and look. We have guaranteed our pennant does only that by printing your message utilizing the color sublimation technique. The printing strategy makes the shades of the image look progressively striking and more keen.

Our polyester Fabric Banner is a perfect decision for any individual who needs to guarantee their message is obvious and recollected, not overlooked. On the off chance that you are searching for a top notch flag to sparkle the focus on your business, utilize our Polyester Fabric Banner.

Product Specifications
  • Material : Polyester Fabric
  • Graphic Weight : 230 GSM
  • Graphic Front/Back Color : Front- white, Back- white
  • Printing : Full Color, 1440DPI, Dye-sublimation Printing
  • Graphic Size Variance Upto 5 ft : +/- 0.5 inch
  • Graphic Size Variance > 5 ft : +/- 1 inch

Graphic Care Instructions:


  • Regular machine wash at regular temperature using a mild detergent
  • Hand wash

NOTE: If your fabric product has any rubber or velcro attachments, hand wash them ensuring the attachments are kept away from the water.


  • Dry flat for best results
  • Drip or line dry
  • Tumble dry at gentlest setting

Removing Wrinkles:

  • If fully dry, iron at high temperature using plain paper in between the fabric and the iron plate
  • If moist, iron at moderate temperature using plain paper in between the fabric and the iron plate
  • Do not iron when soaked
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