Covid-19 Premium Table Cover

Covid-19 Premium Table Cover

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Covid 19 Premium Table Covers

Are you finding four-color logo that you can print with prefect design that shows most attractive brand identity if you think which is right product that enables your brand over the current critical situation facing or COVID 19. Printlon now come with Covid 19 Premium Table Covers which makes your brand in professional identity. We are using disinfected materials so better to use in current situation.

Everyone knows COVID 19 spread so we have to be careful for attending any event, wedding because many product can harm you. We suggest our Premium Table Covers which are safe and easy to use in any occasion. We have tested it on each condition to satisfy client.

Wide Range of Custom Options are Available

You can use most use full colors or suitable colors, illustrations design so more convenient product can be developed to use.

Printlon Name Itself Quality

We always believe in quality for every product. Table covers are made up with quality oriented material so having long lasting behavior.

Now do not wait to buy this safety product, ask us for Covid 19 Premium Table Covers for brand awareness.

Call us now and Buy now Covid 19 Premium Table Covers

If your brand features an intricate design or a four-color logo that you wish to imprint on a tablecloth, you have come to the right place. Our premium full-color table throws assure you of a professional appearance no matter where you need to set up a display. As long as you have access to a standard-sized table (6 or 8 feet x 2½ feet), it doesn't matter what it looks like, because our premium table covers will add instant elegance and sophistication.

These premium full-color table throws add an air of distinction at trade shows and seminars. They also are ideal for picking up a color theme at a wedding. You can order them blank - just a plain colored cover - for a splash of color at the reception. Or you can go up a notch and imprint the name of the bride and groom. Our colored table throws also allow you to complement school or class colors and mascots at class reunions. They will dress up any event with a table - from athletic awards banquets, church banquets and annual sales meetings to donor thank-you dinners for nonprofits, and the list goes on.

A Range of Choices for Full Color Table Throws

Not exclusively would you be able to browse a full range of hues for your engraving, you can likewise pick a hued foundation. Likewise, you have the choice of transferring or making your own illustrations, or you can call us and our expert creators will help you at no additional charge to ensure you get the ideal Full Color Table Throws.

Our superior Full Color Table Throws come in standard sizes, however we are additionally ready to modify to explicit measurements. They're intended to hang down around one inch over the ground on the front and sides. The shade in the back is nine crawls to give you space to sit easily behind the table without the material hanging in your lap. This plan additionally permits you to effectively store things underneath.

Premium Quality Full Color Table Throws

Our Full Color Table Throws live to their name with great materials and workmanship. The material is made of a glossy silk/nylon mix that we precut with a hot blade to forestall fraying. We at that point treat it with a jacket to oppose blurring and include quality. The illustrations are carefully printed at 1,000 dpi goals.

With such huge numbers of alternatives and such predominant quality, regardless of what you are searching for in a Full Color Table Throws, we have you secured.

Product Specifications
  • Printing : Full Color, 1440DPI, Dye-sublimation Printing
  • Material : Polyester Fabric
  • Graphic Weight : 230 GSM

Graphic Care Instructions


  • Regular machine wash at regular temperature using a mild detergent
  • Hand wash


  • Dry flat for best results
  • Drip or line dry
  • Tumble dry at gentlest setting


  • If fully dry, iron at high temperature using plain paper in between the fabric and the iron plate
  • If moist, iron at moderate temperature using plain paper in between the fabric and the iron plate
  • Do not iron when soaked

NOTE: If your fabric product has any rubber or velcro attachments, hand wash them ensuring the attachments are kept away from the water.

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