Canopy Weight Bags

Canopy Weight Bags

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Canopy Weight Bags

Use: Outdoor

Tie Downs: Each bag accompanies two zippered areas for sand, gravel or any favored substance. Furthermore, one velcro strap which fits to canopy pole splendidly and secures it.

Easy to Use: Weight bags can be loaded up with Sand, Rocks, snow any accessible material nearly. Simply pore that and fit it with canopy legs

Material: The weight bags are made of 18 Oz PVC Durable Heavy Duty Fabric. They are known for weather resistant waterproof fabric. Simple to set up and release

Durability: Each weight bag can hold weight up to 30 Lbs. Each bag seam is double-stitched for sturdiness

Available Packs: Pack of 4 for 10' x 10' canopy and pack of 6 for 20' x 10' canopy

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