Premium Business Card

Premium Business Card

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Premium Business Card

A step ahead of Printlon’s business cards are the PREMIUM BUSINESS CARDS.

Matching their predecessor, business cards - economically, qualitatively, as impactful; the premium cards come with a slight difference. Its cardstock paper is sturdier and thus excellent for heftier business cards.

Premium cards are ideal for doubling up as both business cards and mini-brochures for your company.

Our premium business cards have a postcard printing style, with customised design beautifully reflecting your company’s personality and ethos. You can choose from our wide range of design templates on our website or personalise the templates as per your vision and requirement. You also have the option to upload your ready design or artwork, keeping in mind to utilise our vibrant colour palette, while uploading. Follow it up with your contact details, a short introduction of your services/products and a powerful marketing message underlining your USP, and your order is ready to be placed.

Follow the following steps to place your order:

  1. Choose between horizontal or vertical cards and their size.
  2. Add the required quantity and paper type, and finish.
  3. Choose one of our ready templates/customise the template or upload your design.
  4. Place your order.

Place your order, choose your shipping method & your order will be delivered to your doorstep at the very earliest.

Product Specifications

Size Variance : +/- 3mm

Product border Should be minimum 3 mm. Thin borders can come out lopsided due to the cutting process.

16 pt. Cardstock Matte

  • Excellent for heftier Business Cards

  • Ultra thick and stiff cardstock with a non-reflective matte finish for a classic and elegant look

  • Paper from sustainable sources

  • May be written on but testing is recommended. Ballpoint pens (oil-based ink) and permanent markers work best

  • Note : We do not guarantee writability or printability of coated paper

17 pt. Cardstock Uncoated

  • Great choice for heftier Business Cards

  • Ultra thick and stiff uncoated cardstock with a rich premium paper feel

  • Excellent writability

  • Paper from sustainable sources

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