Pop Up Green Screen Webcam Backdrop

Pop Up Green Screen Webcam Backdrop

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Easy-to-use Popup Webcam Green Screen Makes it Ideal for Streaming

Gone are the days when you had to use poles, nuts, and bolts to set up a backdrop for video filming. Today, Printlon has made it easier and more professional with easy-to-use popup Webcam green screen backdrops. They can be set up instantly to unwanted background scenes thus making it an ideal choice for small marketers, advertisers, and tech advisors who are constantly on video-conference mode at short notice. Popup webcam screens are convenient and versatile as they give a professional look to the frame and blocks clutter from the background.

Available in two convenient sizes, our popup green screen webcam backdrops can easily provide a virtual backdrop making it ideal for advertising and product promotions. The webcam backdrops from Printlon are made from durable, elastic polyester which even consists of a pocket and a polyester backdrop banner. The elastic pocket allows you to set up and remove the backdrop easily while the blemish-free screen makes it easier to work on any editing program.

The popup green backdrop’s friendly design allows for easy installation where it can easily slide over the back of your chair and can be secured with an elastic pocket. It even has a spring metal steel installed into the black edge around the banner to make it stable thus not requiring any poles and other accessories to install. To uninstall, take the backdrop off the chair, twist the spring meal frame, and fold it to a third of its size and store it in the carry bag for both storage and on-the-go use. Thus, they are lighter as compared to other screens and make setting up easier.

Spring Metal Frame Keeps Popup Green Screen Stable

As competition gets fierce, these popup webcam green backdrops are suitable for training, marketing, video conference from anywhere. Unlike traditional banners that come with heavy metal stands, and take time to assemble, these are extremely convenient, especially for professionals - who need to have a constant webcam presence. Because of such tools working from home has now become easier and more professional. All you must do during video meetings is to slide the backdrop over the back of your chair where it is secured with an elastic pocket that does not require any additional tool to fix it. Thus give a neat studio-like look to the background with our Popup Green screen Webcam Backdrop and add a new dimension to your videos.

Quality Printing Technique for Lasting Colour

While these popup backdrops can be set up instantly at short notice, we at Printlon use the dye sublimation technique to print green backdrops to give them durability and a longer-lasting finish. This technique secures the colour of the screen as the dye is thoroughly infused into the fabric. As a result, the green colour does not get damaged due to wear and tear and doesn’t even fade or get damaged due to harsh climates.

Thus, the green screen makes the object in front of the camera stand out and thereby makes it one of the most productive tools for professionals. In addition to the above-noted features, we offer Bulk Quantity Discount and free super saver shipping on all orders. So go ahead and place your order right now.

Product Specifications

Material : 240g Elastic Polyester

Printing : Dye Sublimation single side, white on the back

Green Color Code : PMS-354C

Spring metal steel is installed into the black edge around the banner to make the banner stable

Comes with a carry bag

The webcam backdrop consists of a pocket and a polyester backdrop banner. It slides easily over the back of your chair and secures with the elastic pocket. The elastic pocket allows you to set up and remove the backdrop easily.

When finished using the backdrop, it can be folded up to about one-third of its original diameter, so it can fit inside your desk, backpack or briefcase.

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