Open Corner Table Covers

Open Corner Table Covers

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Open Corner Table Covers

Brand advancing table covers and tosses are picking up ubiquity like never before. This is one of the most planned publicizing instruments that are attractive, fresh and proficient. At Printlon, get these table Covers with extraordinarily dynamic pictures and hues, and advance your image in the most ideal manner.

What makes Cut Corner Table Covers unique?

Generally utilized at Tradeshows and indoor occasions, these excellent polyester table Covers are exceptionally simple to keep up and wash. The open cuts permit faster establishment and the accessibility of different sizes offer you simple customization. These table Covers are reusable as they can be customary machine washed and low tumbled dried.

These expert table Covers are structured and created in a manner to be utilized with no problem. They come in three distinct sizes, all fit for tables of various lengths that are generally normal among public exhibitions and occasions over the US.

Nonetheless, the selling point for these Custom Open Corner Table Covers is the front structure zone where you can get your image logo, item data, pictures, or photographs printed. Whatever you require, we will structure and print it for you. Along these lines, go on, get yours now!

Product Specifications
  • Material : Polyester Fabric 230 GSM
  • Printing : 1440 DPI, Dye-sub technology Printing, Full Color

Washing Instructions:

  • Your graphic is made out of High-quality polyester fabric, and it is safe to wash and iron.
  • Regular Machine washes with cold water. Select the gentle cycle and use a mild detergent. Do not use bleach.
  • Tumble dries on the lowest setting to protect fabric from any damages.
  • Wrinkles can be removed from the fabric using an iron (low setting/polyester setting) or a fabric steamer. Do ironing from Reverse side of print part or use plan paper between fabric and iron plate.
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