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Magnetic Signs

Utilizing custom magnetic signs is an incredible method to speak with clients who are in a hurry, while you're in a hurry!

Custom Magnetic Signs: Convenient Promoting that is Speedy and Simple

Some little to moderate sized organizations use organization vehicles for both work and individual use. Tell individuals when you're open for business through custom magnetic signs. Each time you pass by people on foot or different drivers in your organization vehicle, it will fill in as a limited time sign for your business with our custom magnetic signs and decals. It is a simple method to tell individuals the location, area and hours of your business, for instance, without having them walk directly to the retail facade.

Rather than lasting custom banners, these custom attractive signs make it simple for organizations to commence exceptional advancements or challenges since they are versatile, simple to apply and simple to evacuate. No harm is Done, and no extraordinary apparatuses or arrangements are ever required for application or expulsion! For instance, a radio broadcast could request that its audience members locate the transitory vehicle decal on a vehicle so as to win free tickets. When the occasion is finished, road group laborers can rapidly and effectively remove the custom vehicle magnets.

Magnetic Signs Are Strong and Reusable

At Printlon, our custom attractive signs and custom vehicle magnets are made to last the harshest climate conditions for six to a year on the grounds that everything is 3 mm thick. Clients don't need to stress over their custom vehicle magnets tumbling off while they're driving on the expressway or are stuck in heavy traffic on the grounds that the sides of every pennant are adjusted to battle the breeze and stay on the vehicle. Your laborers can utilize custom vehicle magnets as an approach to connect with spectators and different drivers out and about without agonizing over a thing.

We have a display loaded with formats for you to browse, yet on the off chance that you need to make the most out of your custom pennant and magnetic auto signs, we likewise have simple online plan instrument that will walk you through the means to make the perfect limited time piece for your business.

Product Specifications
  • Material : Flexible Magnetic Sheet
  • Material Thickness : 800 micron
  • Graphic Weight : 2570 GSM
  • Printing : Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printing
  • Printing Type : Direct printing on substrate

Three crucial steps to note before installing your magnetic sign:

  • The magnetic sign will be delivered in a roll foam
  • The magnetic sign needs to be straightened before application
  • To straighten the sign, gently flex it in the opposite direction

Tips for magnetic signs for best care:

  • Weekly removal and cleaning of the vehicle and Magnetic Signs help avoid magnetic polarisation of the vehicle’s surfaces under the magnetic sign.
  • It is recommended that magnetic signs be removed, inspected, and cleaned after every significant rain or snowfall event.
  • Make sure to completely dry your magnetic sign and the vehicle surface after cleaning.
  • Don’t drag the magnet across the surface of the car. If you need to reposition the sign, remove it by pulling back on a corner. This protects the finish of the vehicle.
  • Don’t apply the magnet over rust, trim work, deep curves, or vinyl car wraps. These things create air gaps, which prevent the magnetic sheeting from fully gripping the metal. As a result, the sign is likely to fall off.
  • Don’t trap water or grit between the magnet and vehicle surface. Not only does this create an air gap, but it can damage the finish of the vehicle.
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