Desk Flags

Desk Flags

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Desk Flags

Custom desk flags- the eye catching and in a hurry publicizing medium your business needs

1. Advanced printing and self-shading for high effect publicizing

2. Single sided imprinting on premium quality sewed polyester texture

3. Twofold sided imprinting on denier polyester and shut out liner to make most extreme introduction from the two closures

4. Simple to convey and gather in minutes

Publicize In a hurry with Desk flags

Regardless of whether you are going to a public interview, expo, or facilitating an occasion, you can speak to your image, business and logo through our custom work area flags. Our little table flags that accompany their own base, shaft, and convey sack are anything but difficult to set-up.

You can put the work area flag on the dashboard of your vehicle or on the table.

Desk flags Are the Perfect Method to Catch Eye

Our little table flags are accessible in tear and cutting edge structure. You can choose the structure and state of your custom desk flags to engage your crowd. We have likewise tried to structure our item utilizing better and sturdy sewed polyester texture than guarantee strength and life span.

Product Specifications

Printing: Sublimation printing

Material: 110 GSM Knitted Flag Fabric

Product Shapes: Blade & Teardrop

Hardware: Pole + base + carrybag

Dimensions: 34x10x10 cm

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