Economy White Dry-Erase A-Frame

Economy White Dry-Erase A-Frame

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Economy White Dry-Erase A-Frame

A dry-erase-a-frame sign is a perfect marketing tool for restaurants, storefronts, service stations, and video stores. This should be a quintessential part of your retail signage inventory and a sales promotion staple.

It can work great indoors and outdoors as they are made of a melamine laminate backed on a high-density fibreboard. The durable melamine surface is easy to clean and therefore works with dry erase markers, liquid chalk markers, or even our waterproof neon markers.

Even the dry-erase sidewalk signs are light enough that can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The two-sided 22" wide x 34" high, white melamine writing frames are great for promoting sales and store events throughout the year and can bring indoors overnight and easily replace in the morning.

Customer Satisfaction- Our Prime Concern

We at Printlon can produce custom inserts and A-frames. Contact us via phone or email to give full dimensions of the dry-erase A-frame signboard and allow messages to be easily applied and removed as your signage changes.

This value-line dry-erase A-frame signboard is a great way to brainstorm, post messages, or create advertisements. With easy and adaptable, features they make it simple to alter and add messages thus being a great economical alternative to wasteful paper.

With this set, you even get a convenient marker tray that is positioned on the bottom frame rail for easy access to your dry erase markers (available in Black, Blue, Green, and Red), Dry Eraser, and Cleaner Spray. Contact us now for timely offers and best prices on dry-erase A-frame signboard and get free shipping on minimum purchase.

Product Specifications

Economy White Dry-Erase A-Frame

  • Use : Outdoor, Up to 5 Years
  • Material : Black Plastic
  • Frame Dimensions : 44"x24"
  • Weight : 15 lbs
  • Packaging : Ships in one 4"x26"x47" Box
  • Assembly Required : No
  • Portability : Lift by Handle

Dry Erase Information:

  • Dry Erase Panel : White, 36"x24"
  • Dry Erase Panel Material : Plastic
  • No. of Panels : 2, already attached to the frame
  • Custom Printing : Not Available
  • Panels Attach By : Slide In
  • Replacement Panels Available : No
  • Panel Changeover : Not Applicable
  • Dry-Erase Marker : 1 Black Dry-Erase Marker
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