Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs

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Acrylic Signs

Appreciate the glass-like polish of custom acrylic signs without the danger of breakage.

Upgrade the polished skill of your business with delightful and useful custom acrylic signs. Their smooth, cleaned look fits organization logo shows, division distinguishing proof, acrylic office signs, and worker name plates.

Customization completes include the ideal completing touch.

Printlon offers different completing alternatives to browse. It is anything but difficult to make your own redid acrylic sign utilizing our do-it-without anyone else's help online plan instrument. On the off chance that you need help, our expert plan group is prepared to help at no additional charge.

At the point when you are submitting a request, remember to consider whether you need a hanging pack. It incorporates four got over silver stand studs to show your acrylic office signs with class.

As strong as they are wonderful.

Extraordinary as acrylic office signs or custom realistic pieces, these strong acrylic signs are 4 mm thick s and can be utilized inside or outside. In contrast to glass, acrylic signage won't handily break. With appropriate consideration (don't utilize glass cleaner), acrylic signs will keep their incredible looks inconclusively.

The decision is clear... acrylic signs offer an alluring mix of magnificence, usefulness, and solidness.

Product Specifications

Material : Cast Acrylic (Opaque)

Thickness : 5 mm

Weight : 5550 GSM

Tensile Strength : 760 kg/cm2

Tear Resistance : >=1016 Ohm

Finish : Glossy

Printing : Direct UV printing on substrate

Hole Diameter : 5 to 7 mm (Approx.)

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