PVC Foam Board Signs

PVC Foam Board Signs

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PVC Foam Board Signs Proficient • Flexible • Adjustable

PVC Foam board signs and banners give you most extreme incentive for transient indoor employments. The PVC in our Foam board truly represents polyvinyl chloride, yet it could mean proficient, adaptable, adjustable.

That is on the grounds that our custom Foam board printing can be carefully imprinted in full shading, giving you a modest method to make your introductions sparkle. Foam center signs highlight lightweight materials that won't twist up, so they can be shown in dry eradicate board or writing slate plate. They can even be propped against things on a meeting room table or work area during a conversational conveyance. Mount your PVC Foam board signs on easels for a progressively formal introduction.

Flexibility to go anyplace

Probably the greatest bit of leeway of custom Foam board printing is that you can have the sheets fill in any place you need them. They are famous for use as visual guides in conferences and attempts to sell something, just as in chapel classes and school talks. Custom Foam board signs work extraordinary for shows in theaters, libraries, cafés, walkway deals, school exercises, and philanthropic occasions.

Our PVC Foam board signs are simple for you to alter. With our easy to use online plan device, you can rapidly redo Foam sheets with your content and designs. On the off chance that you need assistance, our expert planners are holding on to offer their custom Foam board printing aptitude at no additional charge.

Sufficiently moderate to utilize only a single time

The sensible costs of Foam PVC sign sheets makes them perfect for transient presentations. Truth be told, on the off chance that you can discover a lower distributed value, we won't just match it ... we'll give you 10 percent off.

What are the advantages of our custom Foam board printing administrations? We'll convey eye-getting illustrations and content to fortify your message, your crowd will never be "exhausted."

Product Specifications

Material : PVC Foam Board

Finish : Matte Finish won't glare in photos

Color : White

Material Thickness : 5 mm (3/16")

Printing : Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printing

Printing Type : Direct printing on substrate

Hole Diameter : 5 to 7 mm (Approx.)

Size Variance : +/- 3mm

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