Window Decals (Opaque)

Window Decals (Opaque)

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Opaque Window Decals and Window Stickers for Your Business Marketing

Opaque Window decals are smooth and frequently enhance cheap food habitats and films. Coordinated with organizing floor decals, they give a glorious look to any indoor or open air surface. Tweaked window decals are imprinted on white material and accompany pre-stuck backs for simple strip and-stick application on any smooth surface.

Opaque window decals are made out of value material which gives lucidity and improved perceivability. In contrast to hanging standards, altered window decals don't require openings, grommets, strings or nails. Not exclusively accomplish these items work incredible for indoor use (they are in reality most appropriate for the inside), they work extraordinary outside also.

An Assortment of Employments, Inside and Outside

You don't need to stop at simply utilizing our items on your customer facing facade windows; they likewise are prevalently utilized as vehicle decals! Numerous organizations use them in glass exhibits for their things, just as on indoor windows and mirrors all through the structure also.

Printlon supplies an enormous assortment of window stickers, redid window sticks, and vehicle decals with our 100% assurance in cost and quality. We give decals that are made out of value materials and propelled printing instruments. You can arrange both pre-made just as specially crafted hazy window decals from us at sensible rates.

1. The customized window decals have pre-stuck back which helps in simple strip and stick application.

2. They are applied outside of the glass.

3. These are one-time application and are reasonable for both indoor and open air utility.

4. Murky window decals are carefully printed at 720dpi to 1440dpi goals in full shading.

5. Indications of in excess of 5 feet in height and width come in two pieces, which gives simple establishment.

6. Many videos for installations are available on youtube for reference

Do you have inquiries on our Opaque window decals, window stickers or any of our different items? Make certain to reach us and we'll be glad to help! Call us at 800-580-4489, send us an email or talk with us!

Product Specifications

Material: White Vinyl (Opaque)

Film: 100 Micron White Monomeric Vinyl

Color: White Gloss Front/Back

Material Thickness: 250 microns

Graphic Weight: 130 GSM

Size Variance: +/- 3mm

Glossiness: Surface Gloss 70 Min

Printing: Full Color, Eco-Solvent or Latex Print

Shelf-life : 6 Months (Printed Surface)

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