Custom Canopy Tents 10 x 10

Custom Canopy Tents 10 x 10

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Canopy Tents 10x10: An Excellent Outdoor Investment

Canopy tents 10x10 are an excellent investment for anyone who is looking for a place to host an outdoor event. They create a perfect environment that is protected from weather, and they also have an aesthetic appeal. These tents are great for clients who are looking to celebrate a graduation, a birthday, or any other special event. Canopy tents offer the perfect combination of protection and style. They are not just functional, they can also elevate the visual appeal of your event. They are made with durable materials that are meant to last and they can be rented in a wide range of colors. Your clients will love the way these tents look and feel, so order yours today!


10 x 10 canopy tents are the most common form of shelter in which to camp, picnic, and attend festivals. They usually have a space of approximately ten by ten feet and are covered in a series of poles that form awnings over the top

Who Can Use It:

- Weddings
- Birthdays
- Fairs
- Community Events
- Trade Shows
- Promotions
- Other Events

Product Specifications
  • Graphic Material : Tent Fabric
  • Graphic Weight : 270 GSM
  • Frame Construction : Pop up aluminium frame with 3 adjustable layers for height. Telescopic legs snap into place offering a range of heights.
  • Pole Diameter : 40 mm
  • Pole Max. Height : 135 inch
  • Pole Min. Height : 101 inch
  • Topper Attachment Option : Canopy topper comes with velcro on the inside edge of the valance to attach the topper easily with back wall
  • PVC Half Clear Panel (If selected) : Clear Panel Material: PVC Clear Vinyl 580 GSM (+/- 10 GSM). Clear Panel Material Thickness: 0.5 mm

Graphic Care Instructions:

Tent Fabric is covered with protective layer so not recommended to wash in machine or using any strong detergent.Only deep cleaning in warm water is suitable for the same.

  • Do wash your tent with water, a soft sponge, and a non-detergent soap.
  • Do let your tent dry completely(in sun is preferred,if possible) after being washed or wiped down.
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