Wall Box Fabric Displays

Wall Box Fabric Displays

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Wall Box Fabric Displays

Acquainting a fresh out of the box new path with showcase your business and assemble your picture ... our new divider wall box!

It's immense in size, so it is extremely viable!

  • A custom texture wall box for dividers is one of the most helpful implies that you can use for the promoting of your business!
  • This promoting device is so huge, and passes on your message adequately. It sure will give you the consideration that you merit, paying little mind to where you set it up.
  • Spot our texture signs and divider box shows directly outside your office, at a retail space, tradeshow, shopping center or anyplace else that you like.
  • You can get any plan and message imprinted on the front side, the posterior and end tops.
  • We utilize excellent ink and procedures to print the structure on these showcases. This makes them a solid advertising instrument, which you can use for a few seasons.

In addition, it's helpful and convenient

  • Our wall box texture shows and signs might be enormous, however it is so easy to introduce.
  • Push the snap locks, and the cylinders will interface together to appear as a gigantic showcase medium. You can either utilize the strain texture show vertically, like a pinnacle, or on a level plane like a pennant.
  • The whole casing is secured by polyester texture, and hurdles up at the top. The last look is consistent and noteworthy.
  • Our wall box texture show units are accessible in nine unique sizes to browse.

Peruse our assortment and put in a request for a pressure texture wall box today!

Product Specifications

Graphic Material: Polyester Fabric

Graphic GSM: 200

Pole Diameter: 32 mm

Pole Thickness: 1.4 mm

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