Deluxe Wide Base Double-screen Roll Up Banner Stands

Deluxe Wide Base Double-screen Roll Up Banner Stands

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Deluxe Wide Base Double-screen Roll Up Banner Stands

Fancy Wide-Base Double Screen Roll Up Pennant Stands

Giving a totally different importance to "Double Presentation"

Our fancy wide-based, twofold sided roll up banner stands gives your message more noteworthy presentation in two different ways. Most significant is that the prints can be seen from the two sides, helping you arrive at twice the same number of individuals. What's more, the base is six inches more extensive than our ordinary move up banner stands, so the standards themselves are more extensive. These vertical banners with stands are well known outside of public exhibition stalls and retail locations, grabbing the eye of passers by from the two bearings.

Holds up perfectly

Not exclusively do our select wide-based, double sided move up flag stands give you increasingly "land" for your message; they make it all the more stylishly satisfying. These grand vertical banners with stands upgrade your prints by exhibiting them in an exquisitely completed base planned with in vogue bends. They're produced using a mix of steel and plastic, giving you the twofold advantage of lightweight quality.

Quick and simple to set up and bring down

You'll adore the comfort of our grand wide-based, double sided roll up banner stands. They can be set up in simply a question of seconds. A retractable spring makes bring down as simple as pulling a window conceal. Simply pack the vertical banners with remains into their dark Oxford sacks for simple vehicle.

This is a best in class choice for showing your banners. So get your request in for your custom roll up screens-at once!

Product Specifications

Graphic Material : PP (Polypropylene) Material

Graphic Thickness : 280 micron

Hardware Material : Aluminium Anodized Coated

Hardware Details:

Simple & elegant streamline form Aluminium base

1.2mm thickness aluminium extrusion for Luxurious design

4 mm thickness chrome plastic end-plates, double protection, and fancy, luxurious .Adjustable feet could be kept level on the floor.

3 piece of bungee pole, the dia size reach 18mm with 1mm thickness.

New design padded carry bag for durability and protection

Printing :Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printing

Graphic Weight : 240 GSM

Graphic Care Instructions : To clean a banner, gently wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth with no cleaning solution.

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