Wood Chalk Board

Wood Chalk Board

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Wood Chalk Board

The sidewalk Wooden chalkboard signs are particularly popular in the hospitality industry like cafés, bars, pubs, ice cream shops, or retail businesses and in-store advertisements. They convey important messages or entice customers to come inside through simple means. This works particularly well for outside pubs and restaurants to display menus and special offers that can be easily written with multi-color chalk pens to drive passing traffic to your business and market your promotions. The sidewalk Wooden chalkboard signs from Printlon are quite lightweight in construction which makes this frame portable. It's an effective signage solution and an excellent alternative to costly banners or printed materials as these boards can be easily moved to where they will have the most impact.


With ample writing surfaces to write or draw eye-catching displays, you can be as creative as you want and include drawings and text in a variety of chalk colors. The wood frame has a satin polyurethane finish that gives long-lasting durability. The open a-frame design locks into place with an easy-to-use hook that makes it one of the most popular changeable sidewalk signs.

The signboard has some plastic glides that keep it from slipping or scratching your floor's surface and makes it a great, reliable option to convey your most important messages. Even the chalkboard face material is coated with a thick composite of aluminum which makes it suitable for outdoors.

Another advantage of wooden pavement signs is that they provide a rustic and natural feel which can be placed almost anywhere whether that is by your entrance, in the car park, or on the pavement outside your premises.

There is no need to wait for a poster reprint as your messages can be wiped down and rewritten quickly and easily, with promotional changes.

So, for targeted marketing campaigns use these sidewalk Wooden chalkboard signboards from Printlon and advertise your business to pass by to increase revenue for your business. These wooden chalkboards are available in a wide range of sizes and styles which you can view by contacting us directly.

Product Specifications

Wood Chalkboard

  • Use : Outdoor, Up to 5 Years
  • Material : Wood
  • Frame Dimensions : 43"x24"
  • Weight : 18.2 lbs
  • Packaging : Ships in one 2"x27"x46" box
  • Assembly Required : No
  • Portability : Lift by Sides

Chalkboard Information:

  • Chalkboard Panel : Black, 36"x24"
  • Panels Required : Two
  • Custom Printing : Not Available
  • Panels Attach By : Slide In
  • Replacement Panels Available : No
  • Panel Changeover : Not Applicable
  • Chalk Kit : Chalk & Eraser Not Included
  • Replacement Chalk : Chalk Ink Packs
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