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Sneeze Guard

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Countertop Sneeze Guard is Quality Product for Safe Communication and One of the Best and Beneficial Way to Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 Contamination

During and after COVID-19 situation there is need to work securely by making safe ourselves and others, We can also achieve it by social distancing if it is well maintained. Currently communication is taken place change of way to talk, so for that Printlon decided to deliver one great product that supports hygiene and suitable to make face-to face communication. The countertop sneeze guard is now available at Printlon that safe one for business clients, visitors, customers. The cut-out at the bottom edge of Countertop Sneeze Guard is intended to permit simple and speedy exchange of cash, cards, or product items.

It is quality product and can reduce the danger of transmission of any sort of infections/germs when somebody came from outside areas into your office, through Countertop Sneeze Guard it you are safe from unhealthy situations. Countertop Sneeze Guard is used at banks, pharmacies & drug stores, gas stations, shopping malls, billing counters, or some other business/work environment. It is best medium to prevent you from Coronavirus emergency. We at Printlon every time look for safe product for people and used for their business because we understand the risk factors.

To make order for Countertop Sneeze Guard, the process is simple and to get it in quick way. We provide discount on mass purchase of Countertop Sneeze Guard

Requesting this tabletop show is speedy and simple. Simply select your favored size and include the amount. We are as of now offering a mass purchase rebate, which will additionally permit you to set aside to an extra $1000.

Ask us for Countertop Sneeze Guard which makes safer communication for working areas.

Product Specifications
  • Material : Cast Acrylic (Clear)
  • Thickness : 5 mm
  • Weight : 12.2 Pound per Square Meter
  • Finish : Glossy
  • Top two rounded corners
  • Tensile Strength : 760 kg/cm2
  • Tear Resistance :>=1016 Ohm

Product Size

(W x H)

Cut-out Size

(W x H)

Leg Size

(W x H)

24’’ x 24’’12’’ x 4’’6’’ x 4’’
24’’ x 30’’12’’ x 4’’6’’ x 4’’
30’’ x 24’’12’’ x 4’’6’’ x 4’’
30’’ x 30’’12’’ x 4’’6’’ x 4’’
30’’ x 36’’12’’ x 6’’8’’ x 6’’
36’’ x 30’’12’’ x 6’’6’’ x 6’’
40’’ x 30’’16’’ x 6’’8’’ x 6’’
48’’ x 30’’16’’ x 6’’8’’ x 6’’
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