Importance of Employee Care and Use of Sneeze Guards in Work Areas for Social Distancing in Post-Covid Time


Pandemics are disease outbreaks that impact the entire globe and are spread by agents such as coronaviruses and influenza. When the pandemic is raging, places such as offices can become a hotbed of infections. In Post Covid office environment, they can be spread from Super spreaders to workers, whereas they can go from coworker to coworker and public to workers in other workplaces. It is well known that if a worker is confident that their employer is taking all necessary measures to ensure safety, they are more likely to work at the office in the middle of the pandemic.


Questions to Ask

How can an employer encourage confidence in their ability to protect their staff members? Communicating their plan properly to avoid absenteeism in the bigger picture. They should make sure that their employees understand the following things by giving them answers to the following questions:


  1. What activities are making them more prone to the risk of infection?
  2. What social distancing strategies need to be adopted to prevent exposure?
  3. What are the most common methods to ensure proper disinfection and good hygiene?


The extreme restrictions imposed due to the pandemic aren't going to last forever. There will come a post-COVID when they get lifted, and things will go back to the way they were before. Even though most companies work from home as of now, they won't stay that way forever. As the lockdown gets lifted in phases, there should be custom banners that indicate the measures to be taken that would be different than before.


Safety Features with Sneeze Guards


Safety is the main priority in everybody's minds right now, giving way to the use of sneeze guards, desk protection screens, and dividers (there are economic acrylic screen guards, transparent plastic screen guards, plexiglass screen guards) at the workplace. To make offices safer, they seem to be one of the best solutions available.


The first thing that employers need to review is the workplace layout and whether it can allow the staff to work alongside each other and always 2 meters apart. They can either sit back-to-back or side to side instead of facing each other. Shared workspaces and hot-desking are a strict no-no in the pandemic days. If the layout doesn't allow this, anti-viral COVID screens provide added protection apart from installing COVID-19 safety banners.


Specific Measures to Implement for COVID-free Workspace.


Creating a workplace free from COVID and ensuring the safety of the employees has paramount importance in this times. However, many people are worried that there will be no place for sneeze guards and protection screens when normalcy in the office resumes.


Let us address this by highlighting different ways in which the free-standing screens and desk dividers can come in handy even in the future. We believe that they are a step and the right direction and are so much more than a physical barrier between people.


  1. Divide the Space Non-Invasively

Workplaces need to have multiple work settings that support various personalities and tasks. Plexi Glass Screen Guards might be one of the most effective ways to achieve this. They work perfectly by not visually obstructing spaces, not shrinking them to have areas that facilitate zonal working.


  1. Offer Adaptability and Agile Working

Installing Sneeze Guard Shield in workspaces is one of the most flexible and adaptable solutions available these days. Because they are on wheels, they can be moved from one place to another freely as per the required and could be used as an easy-to-clean surface on which you can write things or zone off an unplanned meeting. They work equally well for creating shielded semi-private areas for people who require solitude, peace, and quiet to focus on things.


  1. Make the Workplace More Protective

The ability of Countertop Sneeze Guard to accommodate various kinds of work and make the workplace more agile adds to overall inclusive environments, which is very safe and most employees would like to work in. Many would quit or consider quitting if they feel that their workplace doesn't encompass an inclusive culture or have inclusive facilities.

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