10 important tips of care for organizing events, seminars, and social gathering in post lockdown time of covid pandemic

Breath of routine life started whispering now in Post-Lockdown Corona period, institutions, companies, and individuals are now in some position to host events and seminars as "Show Must Go On" and as need of businesses and society. There has to be a recovery in social health as we see Vaccination in a short time now even Though some special care is needed before we jump into a work environment like earlier.

Now in this scenario, if you think to have some social gathering as Events or Seminars, you need to adhere to some care and precautions and a renewed perspective to get going. Individuals, institutions, and businesses can now get back to hosting live, physical events for intended demographics, with due care and precautions incoming shortly.

In such cases, Event planners have to provide an adequate level of cautiousness and responsibility without affecting the scale and engagement involved in every event.

Tips and Precautions during Organizing Post Lockdown Events:

Prepare selected and necessary guest list:

Since the onset of the Covid pandemic event, organizers have had to exercise a selective approach in deciding the number of attendees. If you are hosting a business event, get only the best prospects under one space.

Space and location selection:

Special care is required to have the venue location. Compared to pre-Corona time, make sure you have approximately double the space, at least the venue's actual capacity for Attendees. From entry point to sitting arrangements, all must be following Social Distancing Guidelines. Compared to closed-door locations, it's better to have it in an open air space.

A complete sanitization for pre and post event:

Organizers must take very good care of Sanitize the place completely with expert health care agencies before and after the event. Every seating arrangement from the pantry to stage to washrooms must be cleansed with appropriate Sanitization.

Awareness to avoid hand shakes or any physical personalization:

Attendees should be made aware by place to place signs or banners to avoid handshakes and any kind of physical personalization. There have to be reminder boards and banners to inform them to practice Social Distancing during the event.

Mandatory masks for all and temperature gun at every entry point:

It is essential to have a mask as compulsory and, if required, a pair of hand gloves. One must take care that every entry point must have a crew member with a temperature gun to identify any positive prospects.

Watch and carefulness for any covid positive attendees:

The risk management team should be vigilant to take care of any probable suspect. Prior notices should be given to those with a weak immune system or having flu or fever should avoid the event. If you organize a sizable event, it is advisable to have a ParaMedical team at the venue place with good testing kits.

Seating arrangements:

Seating arrangements should be distanced, effectively utilizing space to remain isolated from other seats. The seating position should not be close to other people and should maintain approximately 6 feet or 3 meters distance. And advisable to have pre-decided seating arrangements with nameplates. 

Managing catering and serving staff:

Most events, especially corporate events seminars or social gatherings, have Pantry and Food, Drinks Catering section. Very careful checks on the catering staff's status and their health before they are allowed to interact with guests. All must have a dress code and wear sanitized Masks and Gloves. It is preferable to make self-serving arrangements to minimize physical contact with the waiters and catering team.

Washrooms and refreshing rooms:

It is advisable to have washrooms and refreshing rooms with proper ventilation and no rush, and it is required to have more frequent Sanitation facilities compared to daily practice.

Get a prompt medical response team on hand:

Get medical contacts on board and hire a dedicated team who would care for sick attendees. Your medical response team should always be available to promote quick and swift actions and save lives.

Visual info signs for your events and seminars:

Providing precise Visual info-graphical Instructions on every point of the event is highly advisable. You can place hoardings, signs, PVC banners, vinyl banners on every entry point, a separate canopy or tent for crew members, printed name signboards for sitting arrangements. Pathway feather banner, feather flag stand for visual path showing is recommended at venues in good positions and numbers to avoid more personal human to human contacts. We at www.printlon.com provide a high-quality, economical range of these products to serve at your event or seminars.