Trailer & Truck Lettering

Trailer & Truck Lettering

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Advertise Your Business Every Time by Using Trailer and Truck Lettering

Advertising on the side of your trailer is by far one of the most cost-effective advertising solutions as whether small or big always indulge in some kind of marketing techniques. A typical trailer on the road stuck in a jam on the highway or a truck parked for long hours can garner lots of visual impressions every year. These vinyl truck lettering can turn this around and make it a live-moving billboard for your business.

So, using this as an opportunity to advertise your business you can make a lasting impression on potential customers. Printlon is experienced in creating trailer and truck lettering on the side of your fleet or a full-color advertisement that lasts for years at a reasonable price. With our lowest price guarantee you can order with confidence knowing that you can’t find the same product elsewhere online, so order these lettering from us and make your trailer a mobile advertising solution for your business.

Features of Printlon truck and trailer lettering

  • Our vinyl lettering for trailers and trucks is durable and weatherproof.
  • They are even easy to clean- just wipe off the vinyl lettering for trailers.
  • All our customers can seek help from our customer support staff in case of help in designs and the requirements that you are looking for the lettering.
  • All the lettering is pre-spaced and pre-masked for easy installation.
  • Our easy-to-use design tool allows you to quickly and efficiently design your trailer lettering from the comfort of your place.

The visibility of the advertisement or display on a truck is much higher to reach out to customers and gather their attention at large. You can put up your business contact information or your company logo, website address, or any other business information you would want to promote. Substantially if even a small percentage of those percentages turn into customers, that could be a massive increase in business.

If you're looking to order then there's no better company to deliver you custom vehicle lettering. Whether you're looking to add a simple logo and slogan or you want to wrap your entire trailer, we're here to help. We give you the freedom to use the lettering as per your taste and requirement and get a huge return on investment. So go ahead and order your vinyl truck lettering to turn your business around in the most cost-effective way! Please shop with us to help you so that even we can share the pride of our association with you.

Product Specifications

Material : Color vinyl (Adhesive)

Material Thickness : 120 Micron

Graphic Weight : 120 GSM

Color : LG LC-2000 Series Monomeric Opaque Vinyl

Size : Any letter should be of atleast 1 inch

The size you select is the overall size of your entire design and not the size of the letter. Letter size depends on the overall size and number of letters. We will proportionally resize your artwork to match the height or width of the ordered size.

Before applying the letters, please ensure the application surface is dry.

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