Green Screen Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

Green Screen Straight Pillow Case Backdrop

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The Green Screen Straight Pillowcase Backdrop – Effortless and Extraordinary!

This green screen straight pillowcase backdrop is a perfect display tool that is sleek and easy to assemble. It is gentler than a pillowcase and can be customized in less than 10 minutes. These ready-to-use & effortless green backdrops are used as a photography & videography backdrop stand. This is easy to set up in minutes and therefore is used at events, malls, photo booths, etc. for a problem-free arrangement.

The Wonderful pillowcase backdrops are incredible for introductions and promotions as they helpyou create life-like pictures, videos, and animations during editing. It is accompanied by an aluminium outline that snaps together rapidly for an amazing backdrop thus making this one of the most in-demand backdrop accessories.

At Printlon, we provide custom backdrop printing where you have access to a large selection of green screen stands & displays alongside this impressive display. Our custom background banner stands are eye-catchers at shows, public expos, deals, or any occasion as they have durable and sturdy hardware as well.

As one of the versatile backdrops, we can showcase our workmanship with its top-notch polyester texture and high colour sublimation background printing.  Thus, by requesting a pillowcase setting banner from Printlon, you can discover an assortment of approaches to utilize these noteworthy presentations.

The Making of Green Screen Straight Pillowcase Backdrop!

This green screen straight pillowcase backdrop is enabled with a sturdy aluminium frame that is a great alternative to standard backwall displays. It is easily built-in minutes and allows easy editing to adapt to different backgrounds. Quickly assembled in just 5 minutes, the high-quality green screen fabric is printed on polyester fabric which has properties of fade-resistant and long-lasting. To give an impressive backdrop it has a 1440DPI, dye-sublimation printing that can make the frame and lock in place with a push button snap. You just must simply pull the pillowcase-like graphic over the frame and zip it shut to create a tight, seamless, and wrinkle-less eye-catching green screen display.

You can choose from 3 size dimensions to suit your space at a budgeted price. Choose and order a multipurpose backdrop stand with optional LED lighting and pillowcase that is easy to assemble and quick to set up without any additional tools. Grab your hands on free shipping immediately and get it delivered to your doorstep as earliest as possible!

Product Specifications

Graphic Material : Polyester Fabric

Graphic GSM : 230

Pole Diameter : 32 mm

Pole Thickness : 1.4 mm

Green Color Code : PMS-354C

Single Side Printing : Front Green, Back White

Double Side Printing : Front Green, Back Green

Graphic Care Instructions:



  • Regular machine wash at regular temperature using a mild detergent
  • Hand wash



  • Dry flat for best results
  • Drip or line dry
  • Tumble dry at gentlest setting



  • If fully dry, iron at high temperature using plain paper in between the fabric and the iron plate
  • If moist, iron at moderate temperature using plain paper in between the fabric and the iron plate
  • Do not iron when soaked


NOTE: If your fabric product has any rubber or velcro attachments, hand wash them ensuring the attachments are kept away from the water.

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