Floor Impressions Mats

Floor Impressions Mats

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Get your advertisers floored with these incredible floor impression mats!

Advertising field can be as diverse as the practical possibility of the idea. Printed floor mats are a very effective tool of advertising. Personalised floor mats are immediate attention getters, right at the foot of the customer! Printlon’s personalised floor mats come in an exhaustive choice of colours, style and you can also build the brand image by customising the design of the mats with your company logo. The printed floor mats are sturdy and hardy, enduring years of footfall traffic without the prints fading off. They are also washable, looking fresh and new for many years. The customised printed welcome mats are ideal for any point of purchase and display where you want to advertise your brand, like the trade shows, exhibitions, events, food & beverage display and stalls/kiosks or even your office & factory. 

Printlon delivers personalised floor mats in a very cost-effective and versatile avatar ensuring a smart build-up of the brand image without being in the customer’s face. They are easy to carry/transport, maintain, and are very durable. They also carry great retention power, leaving a long-lasting image on the minds of your customers/ clients. Moreover, they stand out amongst the generic advertising tools as the walls, doors, and ceilings, drawing attention towards themselves.  With classic professional designs, they will also help enhance the image of your business. 

Simply put, no other advertising tool equals the value for money, flexible versatilityand durability as ourcustomised printed door mats have, without compromising on the quality.  Your company design will stand out on our high quality sturdily constructed custom floor mats, having the desired and sustainable effect on your customers.

Product Specifications

Overall Mat Thickness : 3/16"

Logo Material : Digitally Printed Vinyl

Mat Surface : Nitrile Rubber, Diamond Pattern or Optional Smooth Surface

Mat Borders : Nitrile Rubber

Mat Backing : Nitrile Rubber

Note: The sizes listed are an approximation. Due to the manufacturing process, exact sizes of our mats cannot be guaranteed. A variance of 3- 5% can be expected on all mat sizes.

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