How Printing Service Can Make or Break Your Marketing Campaign - Printlon


Print media marketing is going to be useful, even if it is an addition to an existing digital campaign or stands alone. Marketers can use printing services to get through to the customers that seem to be saturated with online ads and email marketing. Despite being an older medium, print is a breath of fresh air as it still finds a way to reach the customer and break communication barriers. offers quality printing experience which leads to more customer acquisition and ease of visibility that even digital marketing can't replicate.Safe to say, if you integrate your digital marketing efforts with print media, you can optimize your reach and ease of access massively. This unification or multi-channel approach can make the entire campaign more resilient and robust. In the following points, you can understand why print media can be something for you to expand your marketing horizons and take your business to great heights.



Many statistics indicate that as much as 50% of consumers find print media marketing more trustworthy than other media. These stats indicate that readers are more likely to find publicity signs more genuine rather than an email they received in their inbox. The print medium was and still is a viable option for marketing campaigns and will never be off the table. You can keep this in mind while designing new marketing campaigns for the best results.


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels today but isn't free from its own set of challenges. A typical email inbox can potentially house pesky spam and dangerous malware, which people want to avoid at all costs. Print ad services including printed banners, advertisements, flyers, signs and decals, stickers and the like keep the consumer shielded from possibly landing in a vulnerable situation, which is the unfortunate truth of the 'digital life'.


People will also often keep the posters, brochures, and publications for future use if they think they could see themselves buying that product or service later. Print marketing allows better customer interactions, either in the present time or even years later. Due to the legitimacy of printed materials, people feel that they can revert to using them whenever they want. They will see the pile of ads on their desks for a few days and eventually go through it. Printing services hence, offer multiple benefits as compared to the singular purpose of non-physical marketing items.

Brand Recognition

The key goal of any marketing is to build a brand that comes straight to the customer’s mind when they see a particular product or service. Marketers are aware of the importance of establishing undefeatable brand recognition at exhibitions through banners, customized canopies (tent and gazebo), table covers, table runners and flyers which provides such opportunities to a large degree. While designing custom advertising banners, companies can choose from a range of colors, fonts, pictures, and textures to maximize their piece's aesthetic potential. You can also make your printed banners and flyers more interactive by placing your social media tags, QR codes and infographics, to keep pace with the current times. Placing it strategically in spots where they can witness maximum visibility is crucial to the entire process.

Brand Visibility

As mentioned above, apart from the design, the actual placement of the print ads, vinyl banners, and custom flyers can make or break the entire print campaign. Marketers usually place their ads in magazines and newspapers or invest in custom printing banners to widen their customer reach. The ad could either be a general announcement for the public or aimed at a niche set of people. Getting your message across at the right time and the right place involves a careful analysis of demographics.

Engagement Time

It is a fact well known that customers engage better and longer with printed material. For example, an average user will take about 15 seconds to skim through a website or even less. On the other hand, when it comes to printed pieces, customers stay engaged for a longer time through custom print banners and can even take about 40 minutes to read through a newspaper. But the more time a consumer devotes to the printed material, the greater is the probability of your printed ad banners and flyers being read and better saved for future reference.


To say print media is back in the game is strange because it never really left the scene. However, with an increasing number of companies taking their businesses online, print media does seem to have resurfaced, stronger than ever. The times have changed a bit as marketers now have access to more data and information through the digital world to make business-friendly decisions.


Keeping this in mind, you can create well-timed and minimal print pieces to be more effective. Less is always more when it comes to print.